Lockin' Keez Dance Company

Welcome to our dance company where unwavering commitment, culture, and a diverse range of dance styles converge to create explosive and unique performances and experiences.

Our dance company's greatest strength lies in our incredibly diverse cast, a vibrant tapestry of talent that brings together individuals from various backgrounds and dance styles.

From hip hop and jazz to contemporary and tap, our dancers possess a remarkable proficiency in a wide array of techniques, allowing us to seamlessly fuse these styles into breathtaking performances. It is this fusion of diverse backgrounds and expertise that sets us apart, creating a dynamic and electrifying experience that showcases the richness and versatility of dance.

Dancer- "Neptune"

A black-owned

and Houston-based


Our Creative Process

At The Lockin' Keez Dance Company, we work closely with our clients to understand their vision and create custom choreography that exceeds their expectations. Our team of experienced dancers and choreographers bring their unique styles and creativity to every project.

Dancer- Mauricio La Fuente


Our Services

We offer a wide range of dance services for any occasion. From professional stage productions to birthday parties, we have the expertise to create unforgettable performances. Our services include choreography, staging, costume design, and more.

Event Examples:
Birthday celebrations, Charity Banquets, quinceaƱeras, proposals (engagements), Flash mobs, themed parties, and MORE!

Lock in the rhythm, unlock the fun(k)!

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